Lara Bacelar Alves

Investigadores Integrados Doutorados

Grupo de Arqueologia

For 20 years, her research has been dedicated to the social and cultural contexts of rock art. Her interests extend to the Anthropology of Art and Landscape Archaeology. She has recently directed the survey and recording of Monte Faro Atlantic Art (2013-2015) and field research on the archaeology of Schematic Art in the Côa valley (2012-2014).

Qualifications include a MA (1997) and PhD (2004) in Archaeology at the University of Reading (UK). Between 2005-2006 she lectured a rock art course at University of Minho.

She was a FCT post-doc fellow from 2009 to 2018 and is currently a full-time Research Fellow at the University of Coimbra.